Flower pots make great art supply holders!

I know these are listed as flower pots but I am in the middle of putting together an art/school room for my boyfriends kids at our house and totally thought of using them for a different purpose when I bought them. I am a brand new SAHM, but have been a teacher for three years. I thought these would be the perfect way to display coloring supplies, Popsicle stick puzzles, and other learning manipulatives. This came with 8 different bright colors and have a nice little handle that I can hang on the wall at their level by the little table I have for them. These are the perfect size for what I’m using them for. The kids love them and I can’t wait to find more little items to put in them for them to use and play with. They are very sturdy and will hopefully withstand the roughness of a three and five year old. Overall, I am very happy with these “flower” pots. I recieved this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

 Purchase for $21.99 at 




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