Langforth Baby Carrier

I have about three or four different baby carriers now. Out of the ones I have I am definitely impressed with the Langforth design. It is very padded and comfortable to wear. It has a detachable sleeping hood for when baby is napping while you are carrying. It can be worn in five different positions including front where baby faces in, front where baby faces out, and rear where baby faces your back. The rear view is recommend for ages 6 months and older only for safety reasons. There is a padded clip that sits about the middle of your should blades that secures the carrier to mom or dad. There is also a pocket on the front fhat would fit a cell phone or small toys for baby. I am due in August and can’t wait to try this carried out with my son. The one thing I do wish it had was a belt for around your waist, but it seems pretty secure as is. The one thing that this carrier has that many of my others don’t is a spot to secure the baby’s bottom and legs (as seen in pictures). Overall, this is a great carrier and I can’t wait to use it!   I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Purchase for $39.99 at




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