I am completely, 100% impressed with this product. As soon as my boyfriends kids walked in and seen it they couldn’t wait to get it open. Once we had it open and put batteries in it I read through the little quick start guide to figure out how to operate it. The ball controls the dinosaur. The ball has numerous different settings. The kids favorite were the one where the dinosaur beat boxes and the one where he dances to the music. They also like to roll the ball and have the dinosaur chase it. There is also a setting to wear the ball is his leash and he follows you around if you have it. Even when he dinosaur ran into things he was usually able to turn himself around and find the ball. This is one of the best toys I have reviewed. The kids love to play with him and ask everytime they come over. The three year old even starts dancing with the dinosaur. I highly recommend this toy to anyone with kids. It keeps them entertained for hours. I haven’t explored how to connect him to my phone yet and we are still playing with the other settings, but definitely plan to. I recieved this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 
Purchase for $60.31 from Avalanche Brands @



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